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The Biodynamic View
A 'Biodynamic View of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field' has been  designed by James S.Jealous D.O.

The biodynamic view of osteopathy recognises that the embryological forces, that created the embryo, are also the forces of growth and development and the sustaining restorative forces throughout life.  

Working with these therapeutic, homeostatic forces, the practitioner is able to communicate with the reorganization of the body as a whole, through the internal disengagement, synchronization and transmutation within tissue, fluid and potency.

The purpose of this program is to observe the laws of Nature at work throughout the body.

With respect, patience and humility, the practitioner can witness this  Tide at work, a force  created by  the Breath of Life, as the primary source of diagnosis and treatment.
Dr James S. Jealous named this 9 phases curriculum Biodynamics because “it focuses on contact with Tidal forces as they specifically interchange in an ever-changing motif from moment to moment.  It is a living contact with life’.”


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