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Dr James Jealous CD's are now available for order and download online. https://www.jamesjealous.com/lecture-series/
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The following chapters are listed in suggested listening order:
An Introductory Overview (Required Purchase) – This tape is an overview of the Biodynamics curriculum and its relationship to Biomechanical and Functional Methods placing Biodynamics into lineage with traditional categories of methodology.

Perceptual Studies No. 1 - The Sutherland Odyssey – An overview of Sutherland’s perceptual maturation and his Odyssey toward a spiritual relationship with primary respiration.  Overviews language, history, and perceptual milestones we all experience.

Balanced Membranous Tension No. 1 – This work clearly integrates BMT as a well-defined methodology. Includes language, lecture and practical commentaries for use in practice.  Motion permitted with active interaction with barrier and waiting.                                                                                                                     

Balanced Membranous Tension No. 2 – This methodology covers establishing a true neutral and functional exchange between the lesion and the whole.  One engages motion present.

Rebalancing and Side Effects No. 1 – Detailed journey through the method of rebalancing the patient at different levels of activity to prevent side-effects.

The Patient’s Neutral No. 1 – The essential foundation of biodynamic methodology.  Language, lectures, practical session, reading and homework.  Bringing the whole patient to neutral.  Various levels of neutral are explored.   

Perceptual Studies No. 2 – Observing one’s own Health and Neutral – a personal study.

The Fluid Body – Discussion and Application of Physiological processes seen in the Fluid Body as a whole.

Balanced Fluid Tension No. 1 – A review of balanced fluid tension without going to barrier and without engaging tissue forces.  It involves an understanding of the biokinetics of the fluid as a spontaneous and conscious fluid body separate from the central nervous system and contains its own intelligence.

Rebalancing and Side Effects No. 2 – Detailed journey through the method of rebalancing the patient at different levels of activity to prevent side-effects.

The Embryonic Mind – This is a spontaneous live lecture given during a course that explores the wisdom of the health.

An Osteopathic Vision – How we “see” the patient.

Automatic Shifting No. 1 – Overviews the spontaneous therapeutic process occurring after neutral.  The lecture and practical comments extend toward a deeper more refined synchronization with primary respiration.

Axial Fluctuations No. 1 – Longitudinal This tape reviews the oral tradition and some newer clarifications of this functional aspect of the fluid body.

CV4 No. 1 –The rationale of CV4.

CV4 No. 2 – The principles of application of the CV4.

EV4 No. 1 – The normalization of fluid body lesions, a sense of the fluid in the fluid (RTP) and the resuscitation of the fluid body to its fluid neutral.

CV4 No. 3 – Advanced studies using the Tide alone.

CRI No. 1  – A discussion of the motions of primary respiration and the transmutational forces of the Tide.

CRI No. 2  –A discussion of the metabolic and tissue forces generated by primary respiration and the diagnostic consequences.

Midline No. 1 – An introduction to a biodynamic view of midline function and its importance.

Perceptual Studies No. 3  – Perceiving the Longtide — practical meditations for skills and personal development.

Ignition System No. 1 – This CD is a review for individuals who have completed the first six phases in the Biodynamics program.

Ignition System No. 2 – This CD is a review for individuals who have completed the first six phases in the Biodynamics program.

Power Points No. 1 – A review of Sutherland’s approach to the extremities as taught later in his life.  This is primarily directed to individuals who have an understanding of the midline and its relationship to the bioelectric field as controlled through primary respiration.

Accepting The Death of Osteopathy – T. L. Northup Lecture (10/99) – Dr. James S. Jealous shares his personal spiritual journey.  The discovery of acceptance, ending resolution of grief relative to Osteopathy’s modernization process.  The finding of the Spirit of Osteopathy as a Living Presence. 
2005 Releases:

The Zones No. 1 – This CD discusses the life force and its motion within and around the body.  Zone A & B are discussed.  A meditation is given for awareness of one’s own life force and one’s intrinsic shelter.

Every  Drop “Knows the Tide” – Wholeness, embryonic presence, and the Health are discussed in a metaphoric journey.

The Clinician’s State of Mind – A review of states of awareness, related to the internal rate of primary respiration in oneself.  A handout will be enclosed with your order.

Lateral Fluctuations No. 1 and No. 2 – These two CD’s are a clear discussion of lateral fluctuations discerning their differences and significance.

An Interview with James S. Jealous, D.O.  Auckland, New Zealand February 2004  - A one-on-one interview with Dr. Jealous discussing an Introduction to the Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.  The origin of Biodynamics is discussed.  Please note this is a VIDEO CD and can be viewed only on a computer containing a CD drive.  Special pricing applies.

2006 Releases:

Our Hands –  The metamorphoses of our hands under the influence of primary respiration.

The Zones No. 2 –  Zones B and D the embryonic mind and the egg meditation of Zones No. 1 continues.
Dural Sacs –  An updated look at the idea of the RTM.  Precise Diagnostics, Review Phase III.

Rates No. 1 –  First in a two part series on Rates.

Fulcrums No. 2  –  An advanced integrative understanding of Fulcrums   Fulcrums No. 1 to follow in 2007.

2008  Releases:
Thoracic and Primary Respiration No. 1  – The exploration of thoracic and primary respiration as a single therapeutic force in both children and adults.
Wholeness No. 1  – The movement of creation through all individual Healths as One.
Treatment of Terminal Illness – The treatment of the terminally ill patient who is facing death.
The Fluid Body No. 1 – Part of a series of CD's on the fluid body in its entirety.
The Fluid Body No. 2 – Part of a series of CD's on the fluid body in its entirety.

2010 Releases 
Stillness No. 1  – Describes the first level of Stillness and its landscape.
Stillness No. 2  – Describes the second level of Stillness and its landscape. 
Ignition System No. 3 – A metaphoric story of the Ignition System and the Longtide.
New releases (2012)
Stillness No. 3 (2012) – Describes the third level of Stillness and its landscape.
Philosophy of Osteopathy by AT Still, Intro and Chapter One Commentary by James Jealous D.O. (2012)

Treatment of Children:
These CD's can be purchased by individuals that have taken the Pediatrics courses with Dr. Jealous or have completed Phases I-VII.
The Meeting Place, No. 1 (2008) – Meeting the child.

The Fluid Body and Rebalancing, No. 2 (2008)
– Introduction to Fluid Body and Rebalancing in children.

Diagnostics (2010) - Section one on the diagnostics of the Health of a Child

Questions Related to Pediatrics
(2012) – Meeting the child.

For further details regarding CD distributors:
Contact Information in the US

Marnee Jealous Long 
Phone: (813) 649-0708
Fax: (813) 649-0760

the CD's are now available for download. 
Please click here:   cdbaby.com

The design of  Dr J. Jealous  Biodynamics C/D series: 
This audio text is available in CD format.  Each chapter is approximately 70 minutes of lecture, discussion, skills exercises and recommended reading.  The completion of the text is ongoing as it is an evolving structure reflecting 36 years of traditional osteopathic practice.  This text centers on general practice and primary care situations and discusses the use of osteopathic principles and practice from a variety of perspectives.  The audio CD’s are organized to allow the listener to begin with functional technique and move methodically to an intimate relationship with primary respiration, the Health of the patient and establish within one’s self the skills to explore the natural laws of healing as they occur within the individual patient. 
The series is ongoing at this time and the estimated completion of this series is approximately eight years and will include 100 chapters of audio text material.  As this series is created it is important to note that each chapter is uniquely created and related to earlier and later chapters.


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