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As Robyn and Manuela are entering a new era, after teaching Dr Jealous' Phases for the last 20 years, they have decided to have a pause and explore further insights. 

Anyone wishing to continue studying Dr Jealous' Biodynamics of Osteopathy program, 
please contact Marnee Jealous Long for the listing of other faculty members, who still continue to present these Phases. 


Biodynamics of Osteopathy 

as designed by

Dr. James S. Jealous D.O.


Course descriptions

Phase I

An introduction to a biodynamic model of O.C.F. motion present, BMT and balanced fluid tension.

Phase II

An in-depth perception of fluid dynamics at 2-3CPM. Rates. CV4-EV4 techniques. Automatic shifting

Phase III

Dural development up to full adult. Intramembranous shearing. Work with the long tide. The anterior dural girdle and its clinical significance. Tempo and humility.

Phase IV

The midline as a therapeutic force. The reciprocal tension of the potency. The ignition.

Phase V

The embryological development of the face. Evaluation and treatment of the face and cranium through embryological fluid segments.

Phase VI

Treatment of the extremities using Sutherland’s power points. (Dr. Ruby Day’s explanation of W.G. Sutherland’s use of potency inside bones.)

Phase VII

Finding the Health. Feeling the physical presence and substance of the perfect form.

Phase VIII

The Void, Love and Healing,Wholeness as a living reality.

Phase IX

This course embraces precision and decision making in severe CNS trauma. It also explores using principles rather than a specific method. This course requires that individuals have completed Phases I-VIII and have been in practice for a minimum of 10 years.


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